Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fabric Studio

I took some new photos of the fabric studio this evening, as I have rearranged it a bit since the previous photo was taken.  Once I tidy it up, I'll try taking a wide angle pic of as much of the whole thing as I can (thank goodness for french doors).  :)  By the way, the last shot is of my new Reliable squared off ironing board that I ordered from Amazon.com.  I don't know how I ever lived without this thing!!

This IS http://www.woollymoose.com/ :


In case you're interested in the ironing table, I've included the Amazon link above.  This thing is HUGE and I am now able to unfold the full 44 inch width of a fabric and press it in its entirety (the width, that is) without having to contend with that maddening pointy tip!  Hooray!!


My husband will likely laugh when he reads this, but I really do strive to be very organized.  Although I am constantly stymied by a ridiculous volume of stuff and the lack of a working storage solution for said belongings, I have somehow managed to find a GREAT system for organizing my fabric bolts - and there are a TON of them (maybe around 2,000??)!  Haven't lost track of a single fabric bolt yet.  ;-)

Here's a snapshot of just a small portion of my fabric studio on a random day in June.  The bursts of light are both from light bulbs, as I have blocked all natural light from entering my studio (can't let the fabric fade, you know?).

So, the fabric situation is pretty well under control, but EVERYTHING ELSE is taking over our home!  Ack!!

I stumbled upon the most incredible looking storage system/work table for crafters (scrapbookers specifically, but very adaptable to my needs)!  Check this out - it's called The Original Scrap Box.  Their product line features scrapbooking storage organizing armoires that convert into craft tables

The Workbox: Vanilla Beadboard Craft Storage Furniture

From: The Original Scrapbox

The Original Scrap Box even has a work desk with a clear top so you can see what is inside the drawers directly below.  This is the model I would like to buy - it's called The EZ View Craft Desk and it is considered storage furniture and a desk.  I'd LOVE to sew on this baby!!  I can imagine now having all my notions neatly stored in plain sight!  I'm a very VISUAL person, so I need to see my stuff or I forget it exists.  Even the storage bins that come with these units are designed so you can easily see what is inside. 

The EZ View: White Craft Desk Craft Storage Furniture

From: The Original Scrapbox

And let's not forget about the cute ribbon holder.  I've got tons or ribbons, too, just waiting to find a new home.

Ribbon Box Craft Organizer Storage Solution

From: The Original Scrapbox

Very cool stuff.  Let me know what you think.  Does anyone currently have any of these products?  I'd love to hear from you if you do (or even if you WANT them, too!). 

I will go to sleep tonight dreaming of these units... (is that sad?)