Monday, November 21, 2011

Rag Quilt using Accuquilt Studio 5.25" Square Die

Recently I decided to take a break from my business for almost a whole day (gasp!) in order to do something fun and crafty!

I've owned a couple dozen Accuquilt Studio dies for the past few years which have mostly been gathering dust, so I thought I'd actually put one to good use.  My little boy LOVES penguins, and I have an adorable penguin fabric that has been set aside for something special for him. 

I took my penguin fabric and perused my store (gosh, it's fun to go fabric shopping in my own home!) and found a bunch of coordinating prints. Before I knew it, I was whipping out 5.25 inch rag cut squares of fabric (with the Accuquilt 5.25 inch die) and stitching them together!  When all is said and done, I will have cut OVER 600 SQUARES (front/back/batting) to complete this quilt!  Yikes, why didn't I get the BIG square die???

Side note: Accuquilt is running a Black Friday week-long special of 25% off all Studio dies!  I'm probably going to be buying the 8.5 inch die set this week (includes smaller die for batting)!

Anyway, I'm not quite halfway finished with this project and I've already been "discovered" by my son.  So much for a surprise Christmas gift!  That's okay.  He actually enjoyed helping me place the squares in the right order, after which he handed them to me as I added square after square to my quilt rows.  

The end result will be a bit "busier" than I had hoped.  Oh well.  I didn't have enough of some of the prints I really wanted to use, so I added more prints.  When it's finished and run through the wash (to curl up the frayed edges) I think it will have a much cleaner look.

Here's what I've done so far:

Front & Back are 100% cotton quilting fabrics and the "batting" I used is a gecko 100% cotton flannel print that was pretty much a "dog" item in my fabric shop.  My son likes it, though, because he can see lizard bits and pieces in the frayed edges. And the colors on the flannel print coordinate nicely with the colors in the front of the quilt.  The back side is rows of several black and white prints.  

Here's hoping it will be completed before Christmas!  (THIS Christmas...)  ;0)

Here's what's done so far (probably about 40% complete).  Final dimensions will be roughly 42" x 63".

Joey with his best pal, Penguino, taking their first look at the in-process quilt.

Back Side with all Black & White Prints

Close Up Pic of Main Penguin Print