Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patriotic Pot Holder / Hot Pad using Accuquilt 10" Die & Riley Blake Designs "How To" Video

Uh-oh!  It would seem my OCD has taken over - AGAIN!  I've started creating things and I just can't stop!

I have just started selling Riley Blake Designs fabrics in my eBay store and their web site has a nice "How To" section.  I was intrigued by a video showing how to QUICKLY and SIMPLY make a hot pad using 10" squares.  Lucky for me, I just so happened (yeah, right!) to have a new 10" die on order from Accuquilt, so I HAD to make this potholder!!

The video calls for 5 unique 10" fabric squares, so I dashed out to my Patriotic fabric shelf and scooped up 5 coordinating prints.  I cut an 11" strip from each bolt and placed all 5 fabrics on my shiny, new die, which has blades for cutting 2 10" squares at a time (times the number of fabric layers).  Since each strip was double layered, I ended up with a total of 20 squares (4 each).  Oh joy!

I also cut an 11" strip off my bolt of Insul-Bright batting, which is specifically designed for making hot pads and other items that need to be heat-resistant.  I made 4 10" squares.   


I followed the directions on the video and in about 15 minutes I had completed this cute hot pad.  Great!  I will make a set for my mom for Christmas!  One more gift checked off my list.  Hooray!

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